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Event Info

Important Event Information


You can start the ride anytime between 5:30AM and 9:30AM, but we recommend starting no later than 7:00AM to get the most out of your time on the Drive.

Rolling closures will begin at 9:30AM depending on your location.


Entry Locations

Riders can safely enter Lake Shore Drive at any one of the following locations:

Route Distance

The entire route loop is 30 miles, but you can make your ride as short or long as you wish. Riders can safely change directions at any one of our rest stops and checkpoints.

Rest Stops

Take a break when you need one. There are three rest stops along the route with access to restrooms, water and snacks. If you have any special dietary needs, feel free to bring your own food to the event.

Rest stops are located at Bryn Mawr Ave, The Museum of Science & Industry, and our main festival in Grant Park.


Riders are required to show their rider number and wristband at checkpoints along the route. Checkpoints are for the safety of all riders and ensure that only registered participants enter the ride. Please slow down as you approach a checkpoint.

Checkpoints are located at Fullerton Ave and Oakwood Blvd along Lake Shore Drive.

Ride Support

Bike mechanics will be on site providing free safety checks and minor repairs, such as flat tires. The event is also supported by hundreds of volunteers to make sure you have the best experience possible. Course Marshals, Ride Marshals, and SAG Vehicles are stationed throughout the course for riders who need support.